Equity Financing From Manhattan Commercial Capital

At Manhattan Commercial Capital, we understand that traditional bank loans are not always in the picture for new and small business owners. Not every business owner wants to take on debt to achieve their goals. In many cases, traditional loans may hinder growth and success. For these reasons, we offer equity financing solutions to provide businesses with the working capital they need, while also preserving their credit ratings, and keeping debt off the balance sheets.

The Benefits Of Equity Financing From Manhattan Commercial Capital

Our equity financing program offers a number of advantages to business owners, including:

  • Start up and growth capital
  • Funding structured around profitability, not bottom line figures
  • The ability to sell common or preferred stocks instead of assuming debt

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Manhattan Commercial Capital is committed to giving small and emerging businesses the chance to grow and thrive. Our equity financing program allows business owners to sidestep the high requirements, red tape, and debt involved with traditional loans. Whether you are trying to launch a new business, expand your company, complete internal project, or roll out new products and services, Manhattan Commercial Capital can help. Contact our offices today to learn more about our equity financing programs.