Large Project Financing From Manhattan Commercial Capital

For large projects ranging from $1 million on up to $50 million and beyond, it takes a team of seasoned experts to structure the right financing to ensure success at every stage of development. Manhattan Commercial Capital offers comprehensive solutions which are tailored to the size and scope of your large project.

Providing The Most Comprehensive Financing Solutions For Large Projects

At Manhattan Commercial Capital, we have the years of experience and the depth of knowledge to assist business owners in virtually every industry with large projects. We lend our extensive knowledge in both the financial and business sectors to our clients, along with our nearly limitless access to funding. We have the ability to structure creative solutions based on your unique needs, and we are not bound by the limitations of traditional lending channels. We can leverage the following to create financing plans for your large projects:

  • Experience
  • Financial projections
  • Assets
  • Unique facets of your business and projects

Whether you need one million dollars to complete your project, or many times that amount, we have the capital reserves to ensure you reach the finish line quickly, efficiently, and successfully. As such, we can leverage the following financing program to help keep things on track:

Venture Capital

Manhattan Commercial Capital offers venture capital and private equity solutions for large projects. We can also provide operational and strategic business advice to help you navigate through your projects. Our venture capital program for large projects provides funding for:

  • Management buyouts
  • Corporate divestitures
  • Growth capital
  • Recapitalizations
  • Quality investments
  • Leverage buyouts

Mezzanine Financing

Sometimes large projects require a more robust financing solution than simple traditional loans. Mezzanine loans from Manhattan Commercial Capital provide funding ranging from $5 million on up to $100 million and beyond, depending on the size and scope of your project. Our mezzanine financing program falls lower on the hierarchy of other loans, thereby giving business owners the flexibility needed when trying to complete a large project.

Many More Options Available

Manhattan Commercial Capital has the financial resources to offer a wide range of financing options for large projects. While mezzanine loans and venture capital are our two most popular products for large business projects, we also offer other solutions, such as:

  • Energy financing
  • Debt financing
  • Unsecured business lines of credit
  • Accounts receivable financing
  • Contract financing for large projects
  • More

Contact Manhattan Commercial Capital Today

Whether you are rolling out new products and services, building a high rise hotel from the ground up, taking on a large state or federal contract, or anything in between, Manhattan Commercial Capital will work with you to structure a solution tailored to your needs. No business should experience financial strain when undertaking a large project, and our team of experts will ensure you have the funds you need to complete every stage efficiently and successfully. Contact our offices today to learn more about our large project financing option, and put our expertise to work for you.