Taking Advantage of Our Referral and Broker Program

At Manhattan Commercial Capital, we are all about making opportunities to help other businesses succeed. We gladly welcome all referrals and brokers to our team. Our referral and broker program protects you with prompt payments and upfront fee disclosure. We don’t worry about small details like project size, but fund the projects you bring our way. Our relationships with our brokers are some of the most important relationships we have and we do everything we can to keep them intact. If a client comes back to us, we’ll always send them right back to you.

The Benefits of Working With Us

As a member of the team at Manhattan Commercial Capital, there are many benefits you’ll experience. With sales positions available around the nation, you can achieve success no matter where you live. Some benefits of working with us include:

  • We take your future seriously and commit everyday to help you enrich your career.
  • We have the lending capabilities and resources you need most for your clients.
  • You can work anytime, anywhere and still have access to our identity and financial programs.
  • Your hard work pays off with top-notch commissions.
  • Our professionals are committed to you and your clients and will bend over backwards to help you get your clients what they need.

What It Takes

If you are considering becoming a part of our sales team, there are some key qualities we look for. For example, how confident are you? Do you have the ability to stick to your beliefs, even when you are rejected? We also look for individuals who are self-motivated and will accomplish their duties in a reasonable amount of time. Are you outgoing and not afraid to help other people feel comfortable around you? Finally, are you organized? Our professionals need to have organizational skills that will improve the sales process and help their clients without getting distracted.

Contact Us to Learn More

To learn more about our referral and broker program, contact Manhattan Commercial Capital today. We look forward to finding out what makes you the best candidate for our team.