Manhattan Commercial Capital understands that traditional bank loans do not always align perfectly with the goals of every business. Taking on additional debt sometimes hinders progress and growth more than it helps. In order to meet the needs of local business owners in these situations, we offer equity financing in New York City. Our program for equity financing in NYC provides local entrepreneurs with:

  • Start up and growth capital
  • Funding based on profitability instead of bottom line figures
  • The ability to sell common or preferred stocks, instead of assuming debt

Why Equity Financing In NYC Can Benefit Local Business Owners

When businesses first launch, loans may not be in the picture. Traditional lending channels in NYC frequently have prohibitively high requirements. New and emerging businesses in New York may not have the credit ratings or established financial history to access the financing they need. Similarly, established businesses may need capital for growth, but do not want to take on more debt than they already have. By using Manhattan Commercial Capital’s program for equity financing in New York City, local businesses can get the financing they need without having to take on additional debt or compromise their credit ratings.

Debt Can Restrict Growth

Traditional lending channels offer debt based structures for growth. Unfortunately, debt based loans can hinder growth for many businesses. Getting locked into loan agreements can eat into revenue and saddle businesses with debt that lingers long after the growth capital is spent. This restricts businesses from growing naturally and reaching the next milestone. Equity financing in New York City gives businesses the freedom to grow and complete internal projects without having to stagger their time lines to pay off debt.

Who Uses Equity Financing In New York City?

Local businesses of all types use equity financing in NYC. Manhattan Commercial Capital provides equity solutions in NY which can be customized to fit the size and nature of your business. Unlike traditional lending institutions, we look at the overall profitability of your business, instead of relying on bottom line figures. This gives us the ability to provide the funding you need, without railroading your business into a financing structure that holds you back. Some of the businesses that use equity financing in New York City include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Design firms
  • Construction companies
  • Commercial real estate investors
  • Law practices
  • Healthcare providers
  • IT start ups
  • Many more

Finding The Best Equity Financing In New York City

Manhattan Commercial Capital strives to offer financing solutions with the flexibility and accessibility that NYC entrepreneurs demand. When loans are not in the picture, equity financing in NYC offers a viable alternative that promotes growth and success. Instead of trying to navigate a sea of red tape with banks, contact the experts at Manhattan Commercial Capital. We will work with your directly to understand your financing needs, and create a solution that is tailored to help you meet your goals.