Manhattan Commercial Capital understands that retail centers should be aesthetically pleasing, easy to navigate, and designed to draw traffic. As such, we offer services for the development of shopping centers throughout the country.

Our property development services include:

  • Site construction
  • Expansions
  • Tenant improvements
  • Environmental clean-up
  • Mitigation

Site Construction

You want your property to be unique and easily recognizable while also being emblematic of the city or area where it resides. You also want a property with structures that will attract both tenants and traffic – someplace welcoming where people want to stay, do business, and recommend to others. Manhattan Commercial Capital offers site construction services, including advisory and guidance planning to ensure your property can start generating revenue upon completion.


Our clients sometimes find themselves in need of more space at a given property to
accommodate more tenants, higher foot traffic, and general facilities. Manhattan Commercial Capital will work with you on logistics and planning to allow for a logical and convenient flow of traffic while adding space that doesn’t look like it was just tacked on as an afterthought. Our goal is to help you make your shopping center an attraction to tenants and customers alike.

Tenant Improvements

There are times when our tenants will need to make changes to their immediate business space. Sometimes new legislation forces changes on a work environment or restaurant. Other times, the parent company of a chain or franchise requires compliance with specific build-outs. At Manhattan Commercial Capital, we can oversee and help guide tenant improvements so that construction is not disruptive to other tenants or their customers. We can also ensure that tenant improvements stay within certain parameters so as to maintain the integrity of your property, in case the same space becomes occupied by a different tenant in the future.

Environmental Clean-Up

Environmental clean-up and remediation is not as intimidating as it seems. Manhattan Commercial Capital offers services for groundwater management, permitting, environmental construction, soil and water remediation, and even cost estimates and litigation support. Many cities and regions throughout the United States have very specific environmental requirements, and Manhattan Commercial Capital will see that your property, as well as your tenants, find cost-effect solutions to remain in compliance with those guidelines.


Manhattan Commercial Capital provides mitigation to ensure landlords and property owners get the most for their investments. Whether we are assessing the risk of the property itself, a potential tenant, or helping parties arrive at a resolution, our team listens while keeping your best interests front and center. Risk and mitigation are usually at or near the top of the list of concerns for any commercial property owner, and Manhattan Commercial Capital is dedicated to ensuring our clients get the most comprehensive services to keep their properties and operations successful.

At Manhattan Commercial Capital, our property development services cover the full spectrum of requirements held by owners, asset managers, and tenants. Contact our offices today and put our development services to work for you.