Manhattan Commercial Capital believes that shopping centers and retail properties can have long-term success with a dedicated marketing strategy. Properties are not just utilitarian structures. Shopping centers and similar properties can offer a positive experience and can be attractions in their own right.

Our marketing team will create a custom strategy to increase your reach and attract more foot traffic. Our marketing services can be used for:

  • Grand openings
  • Building community relationships
  • Special offers and sales
  • Building a social media presence
  • On-line and traditional print marketing
  • Developing partnerships
  • Planning events and on-site entertainment to increase traffic

Grand Openings

At Manhattan Commercial Capital, we understand that simply having businesses in a retail space does not guarantee customers. As part of our marketing services, we will promote your tenants and turn their grand openings into celebrations to increase foot traffic, sales, and establish your location as the premier place to shop. One of the best ways to announce a new shop at your location is with a grand opening event, and our team will pull out the stops to maximize the revenue from the announcement.

Building Community Relationships

In today’s world, having a retail space means understanding the needs, desires, and concerns of the surrounding community. Manhattan Commercial Capital helps landlords, property owners, and tenants create partnerships with community organizations to show people that you care. Our team also understands that strong community relationships helps to ensure loyal customers, which in-turn can boost revenue. Landlords and property owners also receive the benefit of being recognized as community participants and leaders, which can open doors to more business opportunities.

Special Offers and Sales

Whether it is a grand opening, a seasonal celebration, a holiday event, rolling out a new product, or anything else, Manhattan Commercial Capital will build up the excitement by marketing special offers and sales for tenants. Sales and special offers are ideal times to boost foot traffic and revenue. Whether online, via the airwaves, or through traditional print, the marketing team at Manhattan Commercial Capital will cast a net far and wide to bring in customers to the tenants at your property. We work directly with businesses to create marketing strategies tailored to their needs.

Building a Social Media Presence

Social media is not a passing fad. Businesses of all sizes and throughout all industries use social media for brand recognition, to build valuable professional partnerships, and to engage with customers. Manhattan Commercial Capital’s marketing team will leverage social media to provide a growing presence and build a positive reputation for property owners and their tenants. Since almost everyone interacts via social media – be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or any of new and upcoming platforms, Manhattan Commercial Capital will be able to target specific segments and keep them informed of the great things happening at your location.

Planning Events

Retail spaces are for more than just stopping in on your lunch break or after work, purchasing something, and leaving. Retail spaces are playing host to community events and spectacles which draw in people and generate sales from the tenants. Hosting or sponsoring an event at your location can boost foot traffic, generate revenue, and create recognition for property owners and business tenants alike. Manhattan Commercial Capital can help identify, plan, and market events to ensure success for everyone involved.

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