Property Leasing

At Manhattan Commercial Capital, we work directly with clients to provide comprehensive and effective leasing strategies. From analysis and marketing to repositioning, our team will help you attract the tenants you want for your properties. We provide leasing services for properties including:

  • Neighborhood
  • Retail
  • Mixed-use
  • Town
  • Strip shopping centers
  • Seasonal
  • Vending locations

Our team of experts has a wide range of skills and specialties which include:

  • Retail marketing
  • Retail positioning
  • Tenant merchandising strategies
  • Tenant advisory services
  • Market analysis

Retail Marketing

Tenants want retail spaces where they can maximize foot traffic and attract customers. Manhattan Commercial Capital will perform an in-depth analysis of your property and the surrounding market to identify the ideal tenants for your commercial real estate. From there, our retail marketing team will get the word out to bring in customers. From events, grand openings, sales, and more, our retail marketing team will increase foot traffic to your properties so your clients get the revenue they want, and so you can generate the best possible revenue stream from your tenants

Retail Positioning

Your tenants want to be the only place their customers think of when they need to make a purchase. Our team embraces retail positioning so that your tenants can improve sales and so your property becomes a one-stop shopping trip. From marketing the establishments at your property, to ensuring the tenants are complementary instead of in direct competition, Manhattan Commercial Capital will provide the positioning your tenants need to generate revenue for your property, so that they want to stay there for the long haul.

Tenant Merchandising Strategies

You want your property to be noticed. Your tenants also want to be noticed by customers with plans to arrive there as a destination, and to pick up additional traffic and sales from people passing by on the street. Manhattan Commercial Capital offers tenant merchandising strategies so that businesses get noticed and have brand representation without marginalizing the other tenants in your retail space.

Tenant Advisory Services

Manhattan Commercial Capital provides tenant advisory services to make opening and running an establishment in a retail property enjoyable, efficient, and lucrative. Our services include everything making sure moving in and getting set up goes off without a hitch, to project managements, and even cost analysis to ensure your business is operating without wasted expenses. We also mitigate issues to build long-term successful relationships between tenants and landlords. Our team will listen to understand your requirements and concerns, and then create an amenable solutions and plan of action to benefit everyone involved.

Market Analysis

To find the right fit for any retail space or shopping center, Manhattan Commercial Capital offers market analysis services. From discovering what people in the area surrounding your property need and want, to void analysis to figure out which types of businesses are saturating or lacking in a location, our team will do the legwork to find the ideal clients for your property. We will even position clients to stand out from other competitors to make your property attractive to both loyal and new customers for your tenants.

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