Property Management

Successfully managing commercial real estate takes dedicated time and attention to detail. Many commercial property owners find themselves split between growing their portfolios and being distracted by tending to the needs of their tenants and properties. Manhattan Commercial Capital has a property management team to provide unsurpassed service and discipline spanning all aspects of property operations.

Our property management services will enhance and maintain properties and built beneficial relationships between owners and tenants. We also monitor the performance of properties in our care, and provide services to improve metrics and help maximize returns for our clients.

Construction and Design

Manhattan Commercial Capital takes a more comprehensive approach to property management than other firms. We take care to ensure regular operations and requirements are met, but we also believe in finding solutions that benefit property owners, landlords, and tenants alike. We understand that tenants will sometimes have needs of their own, regarding build-outs and changes to floor plans. Our team will ensure their businesses can run as per their needs, while still maintaining the integrity of the space your provide. Obviously restaurants and certain franchises have particular requirements, but those should not compromise the look and structural soundness of your property. Our team can guide these changes so everyone wins and business can be conducted.

Property and Tenant Performance

Your portfolio should be growing in value. At Manhattan Commercial Capital, our property management services also include and in-depth analysis on the performance of your retail space as well as the occupying tenants. You need to know if your tenants are performing in a way that honors the space you are leasing. If certain metrics are slipping, our team will provide strategies and solutions to rightsize performance to ensure your tenants are generating the revenue they need to meet or exceed the stipulations of their agreement with you. Our property management team also ensures they are maintaining their work space, and are not presenting any hazards to you, your property, other tenants, or customers.

Building Long-Term Relationships

Manhattan Commercial Capital believes property owners can provide space to the perfect tenants, and that said tenants can make that property a place they want to stay for the duration. Our team helps to build long-term relationships between businesses and property owners. With the proper tenants and their success, more businesses will be attracted to your property, and the desirability and value of your commercial real estate portfolio will also increase. The property management specialists at Manhattan Commercial Capital understand the ecosystem and symbiotic relationship created between a property owners, the retail space provided, and tenants. From on-boarding new tenants to overseeing performance and operations, and even mitigating issues between parties, Manhattan Commercial Capital protects the interests and goals of landlords and property owners to make sure their portfolios achieve long-term success.

Contact Manhattan Commercial Capital today to learn more about our property management services. We will work with you directly to create a property management plan tailored to your needs for long-term success.